montasje remedies

Dear Followers, today we are celebrating!
Our new album Remedies, as well as the Remedies EP is finally out. Both are available on lush vinyl, with artwork and photos by Lasse Hoile, as well as on virtually every digital platform imaginable. Get your copy from your local record store or online. For those of you who have pre-ordered, your vinyl are shipping this week. Getting exposure in big media outlets these days is getting harder and harder. We hardly ever ask anyone to share our stuff, but maybe this time you could help us out! Share this post, leave your personal review of our album, demand the album at your local record store, play it for your friends and neighbors! And please play it loud!

We would like to take the opportunity to make a shout out to everyone involved in this release -we couldn’t have done it without you:

Lasse Hoile, Paul Savage, Torgeir Lund, Kristoffer Lo, Anders Håpnes, Svein Erik Grongstad, Thomas Nyborg, Claire Southwik, Bård Ole Thorsen, Eivind Berre, Terje Tranaas, Namsos Kommune, Elina Karpinska, Terje Grande, Ronny Grande, Åge Aleksandersen, Innovasjon Norge, Daniel Viken, Øystein Megård, Magnus Kofoed, Kim Henry Kling Ortveit, Liv Aastad, Marthe Aastad Brøndbo, Karin and Harald Brøndbo, Håkon Dalen, Anders Langfjæran, Brygga Studio, Frifond, Skaun Kommune, Per Oskar Olsen, Håvard Gjelseth, Rune Holm, All our friends and families, and Our True Hardcore Souporters.

Thanks for caring!