Playground Memories:

Re-arrange your thoughts, they won`t do any longer. Dispose of your guns, we will fight no longer.  Fever in your veins, as there is no tomorrow. Defend your home with the words you borrow.  Sealing your eyes with your blood.

Reason with your arms,  `cause your logic is in favour of letting go of him and the nightmares we remember.

The pictures were all around, and when collected the walls fell apart inside her.  And all the carpets and lights; pulled out and thrown in a heap right outside of her bedroom light. We go down to the corner of our memories, we go down to the corner -and there we smile.

She Had Set Out To Find The Sun:

A little girl was travelling by chance across a country yet unknown, with nothing but a handfull of hope she had set out to find the sun. You may call it faith, but even so; she met a little friend -now they were two. They danced along their path and put smiles upon the faces of everyone. Their numbers grew and soon they were quite a few. They start to pick up things on which they played; a stick, a flute, a drum, and soon they started all to hum.

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