With this album, Soup dives into a more jam-oriented landscape, experimenting with 1970’s prog elements, mixing it with the established soup sound: dynamic, melancholic and melodic. Produced by Paul Savage. Cover artwork and photography by Lasse Hoile.

Remedies is Soup’s fifth studio album and has been a musical journey a bit different from the previous ones. Remedies has allowed for the band to contribute collectively with the songwriting, resulting in a more jam-based and celestial record. Paul Savage, producer, and engineer, connected with the band’s vision and put an emphasis on it. Savage (Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand) has an adaptive ear and was also able to join in on songs of the more «traditional» soup sounding character. Remedies could be considered a dark album. It is not a happy clapper, and with references to the gloomy corners of the human psyche it’s lyrics brings further support to this. There is still a sense of hope to it, like with the album’s final track Something Like Home, communicating strongly, especially in its melodies, about the melancholic, yet hopeful nature of the human mind. Remedies shows Soup’s development as a band and is surely an album we are proud of.

As for the visuals, Lasse Hoile got to work his magic. Like he’s done with artists like Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree, Hoile strengthen the audiovisual bond, making the album an «experience». We are thrilled to be working with him once again and must say that his efforts this time were extraordinary.


April 31st, 2018, Remedies won both “Indie/Alt.Rock Album of the Year” and “Album art / Photography of the Year” at the 16th annual Independent Music Awards, hosted at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in NYC.

// Soup

Photo: Lasse Hoile


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